the carrying value of a long-term note payable is computed as

However, if the interest rate implicit in the lease, as computed by the lessor, is readily determinable, such interest rate should be used as the risk-free discount rate. For all fixed assets reported on the balance sheet, the carrying value of a long-term note payable is computed as depreciation starts the month following when the fixed asset is placed into service. Depreciation is recorded by debiting current expense and crediting the related allowance for depreciation on the balance sheet.

Instead, a Reserve Bank lessee will recognize the lease payments in the Statement of Operations on a straight-line basis over the lease term and variable lease payments in the period in which the obligation for those payments is incurred. Illustrates the balance-sheet impacts of acquisition accounting on the acquirer’s balance sheet and the effects of impairment subsequent to closing.

Statements of source and application of funds

With CV calculation, the investor can find out the remaining useful life of the asset and can decide on the firm using this calculation. But it needs to remember that carrying value is not the true value of assets per the market estimates. CV is based on the asset’s book value, which depends on the asset’s initial cost and depreciation schedule. The fair value of the asset is the current market value of the asset. For example, let’s assume an asset bought at $1,000,000 in the year 2015 has a carrying value of $500,000 as per the books. But the fair value of the same asset can be $800,000, which depends on the current market estimate and is subjective.

the carrying value of a long-term note payable is computed as

A discussion of accounting for long-term installment notes payable is presented in Appendix 10C at the end of the chapter. Bond Is Issued At A PremiumA premium bond refers to a financial instrument that trades in the secondary market at a price exceeding its face value. This occurs when a bond’s coupon rate surpasses its prevailing market rate of interest. For instance, a bond with a face value of $750, trading at $780, will reflect that the bond is trading at a premium of $30 ($ ). Short-term notes are current liabilities payable within the next 12 months, or within the business’s operating cycle if longer than 12 months.

Calculating the Carrying Value of a Bond

Additionally, the current market rate of interest in 2023 is 7%. Note that the interest component decreases for each of the scenarios even though the total cash repaid is $5,000 in each case. This is due to the timing of the cash flows, as discussed earlier. In scenario 1, the principal is not reduced until maturity and interest would accrue for the full five years of the note.

the carrying value of a long-term note payable is computed as

If the cash value is not known, accountants look to the fair market value of the services provided or the fair market value of the property received . Since those amounts are unknown, the accountant estimates the cash equivalent amount by calculating the present value of the note. The interest expense on a zero-coupon bond never reduces operating cash flow.


By depreciating an asset, an allowance is made for the deterioration in the asset’s value as a result of use , age and obsolescence. Generally, property is depreciable if it is used in business or to earn income;, wears out, decays, gets used up or becomes obsolete, and has a determinable useful life of more than one year. The proportion of the original cost to be depreciated in any one year is largely a matter of judgement and financial management. Instalment loans are those loans in which the borrower or credit customer repays a set amount each period until the borrowed amount is cleared. Instalment credit is similar to charge account credit, but usually involves a formal legal contract for a predetermined period with specific payments. With this plan, the borrower usually knows precisely how much will be paid and when. In evaluating solvency, coverage ratios focus on the income statement and cash flows and measure the ability of a company to cover its interest payments.

the carrying value of a long-term note payable is computed as

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