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YASH BOND® powder coatings by DYJ COATING SYSTEMS deliver world-class quality and innovative solutions to manufacturers throughout the globe who demand enhanced levels of aesthetics with advanced performance. We had been an industry leader in Quality, development and manufacturing of Powder coating technologies.

DYJ COATING SYSTEMS has long been committed to making products and pursuing business practices that minimize the impact on the environment.All of DYJ COATING SYSTEMS powder coatings have ultra-low VOCs,making them excellent choices for environmentally conscious OEMs and custom coaters.

With a library of over 500 in stock color formulations, DYJ COATING SYSTEMS create consistent protection for manufacturers that need quick lead times,quality and performance.

WHY US ..?


Pure Epoxy Powders

Corrosion can be controlled by providing a barrier against the passage of ions and/or oxygen and water. The lower the permeability of the coating for..

Pure Polyester Powders

Pure Polyester powders are good for outdoor applications where considerable amount of sunlight is present. It has good weathering and mechanical properties.

Epoxy Polyester Powders

These are general purpose coatings where a limited amount of exposure to sunlight is experienced. They have all round generally good properties…

Polyurethane Powders

This is a different chemistry of powder coatings which offers excellent outdoor durability with better chemical resistance. We have three different grades on ..

Special/Decorative Powders

It is another vast application of powders in decorative articles. There are four type of powders on the basis of finishes..

Sublimation Powders

YASH BOND ® WOOD COAT is a base coat for sublimation decorative techniques. The sublimation process is a physical-chemical transition …

Anti-Microbial Powders

Anti-Microbial powders are designed to reduce the baking temperature and curing in the oven without compromising on physical and chemical properties of ..