Pure Epoxy Powders

YASH BOND® PURE EPOXY series is a thermosetting powder coating based on specially selected Epoxy resins and cross linking agents providing excellent decorative and functional properties. YASH BOND® PURE EPOXY series offer excellent chemical and mechanical performance with exceptional flow, finish and color stability.
YASH BOND® PURE EPOXY series are available in a variety of color as per IS,RAL,PANTONE,BS,NCS,DIN and custom made shades in different finishes and gloss level.
Other patterns like structure, texture, Hammer-Tone and Metallic finishes are also available.


  • ► PURE EPOXY series designed to give optimum mechanical properties and outstanding protective qualities.

  • ► Excellent corrosion protection & chemical resistance.

  • ► High mechanical performance.

  • ► Suitable for interior use only.


how it works

Powder Characteristic

  • Chemistry : Pure Epoxy
  • Particle size : Suitable for electrostatic spraying.
  • Specific gravity : 1.2-1.7 g/cm3 upto colors.
  • Curing Schedule : 200oC/10 Min, 180oC/10 Min & 160oC/10 Min(Mental Temp)
  • Storage : Dry ventilation condtions below 30oC.
  • Shelf Life :6 Months

Application Areas

The main application areas for PE series are are Domestic Appliances, Indoor Metal Furniture , Ceiling Panels , Display Shelving , Automobile Accessories and fixtures and other miscellaneous items where high chemical resistance is required.
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