Anti-Microbial powders

YASH BOND® ANTI-MICROBIAL POWDERS series is a thermosetting powder coatings which provides protection against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms such as AFT, Penicllium citrinum etc. Antimicrobial powder coatings should be regularly washed with warm water and mild liquid detergent, followed by a fresh water rinse to maintain the attractive appearance of the powder cured film. The use of abrasive cleaners is not recommended nor is the use of active organics solvents. YASH BOND® ANTI-MICROBIAL POWDERS finishes and shades are available in all chemistry like epoxy, epoxy polyester and polyester versions.


  • ► The cured film exhibits enhanced resistance to bacteria and fungi growth.
  • ► Excellent mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.
  • ► High temperature stability and excellent color retention.
  • ► Suitable for both interior and exterior applications.


how it works


  • Chemistry : Pure Epoxy, Epoxy-Polyester & Pure Polyester.
  • Particle size : Suitable for electrostatic spraying.
  • Specific gravity : 1.2-1.7g/cm³ upto colors.
  • Curing Schedule : 200ºC/10 Min, & 180ºC/12Min (metal Temp)
  • Storage : Dry ventilation conditions below 30ºC.
  • Shelf Life : 6months


The main application areas for AMPC series are Hospital Equipment, White-goods, School Equipments and Gym Equipments,etc.
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